2019 Chance for Change


Fabulous Prizes, Entertainment & Dinner Benefiting an Orphan Blood Disorder, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP).

This is our 10th event, so be assured that it will be extra special. Don't miss out!

We will again be hosting our acclaimed fundraising event at Famous People Players in Toronto! The event will have amazing prizes you can't live without, a new show that is sure to be as thrilling as last year, and a delicious full course chef inspired dinner! All for a great, underfunded cause.

Saturday, April 27, 2019  at Famous People Players, 343 Evans Ave., Toronto

Doors open at 6 pm. Dinner begins before 7pm followed by the show Made in Canada. Smart casual attire. Early Bird Admission $200 each before March 31, after $235 each. NEW Children 12 and under $75 each.

Value above guest benefit will be eligible for charitable receipt. Last year 70% of the full admission price was eligible for receipting.
Full dinner and drinks included


Research is Hope Awareness is Low Early Diagnosis is Key

Why Support?

Sydney pictured"Today I remain baffled as to how I ended up with this very rare disorder, and I am concerned for the future that, before September 12, 2008, I took too much for granted. What I do know is that there is much opportunity to improve the prognosis for all TTP patients. I sincerely hope you will support all TTP patients by generously participating in the Foundation's eighth Chance for Change event. Together we can help answer TTP."  --- Sydney Bryant Kodatsky, Executive Director, Answering TTP Foundation

In September of 2008 Sydney, newly graduated from her MBA program and recently married, lost vision at the age of 28. She waited 5 hours in a local ER, only to be sent home with a migraine diagnosis. When the migraine hadn’t cleared the next day, her family doctor’s office told her there was nothing to worry about.

Sydney’s mom took life-saving action by seeking out a 3rd opinion.  Routine blood work revealed dangerous anomalies that would result in an emergency referral to another ER, and finally a TTP diagnosis. Sydney has successfully battled TTP 7 times so far with help from 700 blood donors, surgery, chemotherapy, and immune suppression medication. This treatment has led to further complications, including a battle with metastatic Melanoma. Sydney needs a targeted TTP treatment.  Every relapse brings new challenges and risks, but with your help there is hope for a cure.

Over the past few years we have learned about the hope of new treatments to extend remission time. Over the next few years we will, together, come up with the miracle cure. But so far we still don’t know what triggers TTP, why TTP happens in the first place and what may trigger a relapse from remission, how to ease treatment or how to ultimately cure TTP. These questions remain unanswered because research is limited. TTP is an orphan disease that afflicts only 3 in 1 million people. It is too rare to make it economical for pharmaceutical companies to specialize research to find a cure for TTP.

All these unanswered questions and the lack of funding is why Sydney, with the support of family and friends, founded Answering TTP Foundation, a purely volunteer nonprofit charity in support of TTP research, education and patient support.

You have heard the line "your dollar can make a difference". For TTP, this statement rings piercingly loud because it has been overlooked due to the rarity of the condition. Funds for:

  • research will help fund trials and registries geared to unlock the secrets of this dangerous medical condition that has robbed too many. Answering TTP Foundation understands the need for biomedical, clinical and population health research. The Foundation considers international research proposals, and has granted over $1.8 million toward TTP research through 2020. CLICK HERE to find out more about the funds Answering TTP Foundation has committed to research;
  • education will save lives by speeding diagnosis of this medical emergency; and
  • patient support will help patients help themselves to cope  with the feeling of isolation that accompanies such a rare disorder.

Visit www.AnsweringTTP.org for more details including other patient stories.


What is Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura?

A medical emergency causing small blood clots and potentially fatal complications. Early diagnosis is key to survival. TTP can strike anyone, at any stage of life. Three in one million people are diagnosed each year. Visit www.AnsweringTTP.org for more details.


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