2018 Chance for Change

Chance for Change's passionate and talented team of volunteers provide Answering TTP Foundation the chance to change the prognosis for all TTP patients. Our volunteer team is comprised of dedicated TTP patients and supporters, all personally motivated to helping to answer TTP. We thank you for supporting our efforts.




Melanie Doornbos.  Melanie has been surrounded by the Unilock family all her life.  Having known Sydney since they were both “knee high to a grasshopper”, Melanie is happy to be involved.  When not volunteering for Answering TTP and the Chance for Change fundraising committee, Melanie can be found playing Lego or princess tea party with her son and daughter, planning ANOTHER trip to Walt Disney World, or running here and there to extracurricular activities with the kids.   



Sydney Bryant Kodatsky. Sydney was originally diagnosed with TTP in September 2008. Since that time she has persevered through seven relapses and garnered support for this orphaned condition along the way.  As the Chair of the Board for Answering TTP Foundation, Sydney enjoys working closely with the Chance for Change volunteers to raise funds to enable the board to carry out research initiatives.  

Kate Powadiuk. Kate is a program evaluator who works with organizations to help improve their social and health programs.  She has a reputation for being an ‘extreme crafter’ who is willing to try any craft at least onceeven if it doesnt quite turn out! Something that did turn out for Kate was meeting Sydney Bryant back in senior kindergarten. Kate continues to create happy memories with Syd and can’t wait for the next Chance for Change event.



Emily Powadiuk. Emily is an economist working within the Ontario Ministry of Finance. She first became involved with the Chance for Change Committee as a longtime friend of Sydney’s and is thrilled to continue to lend her efforts towards this important cause. Emily is also a prolific baker, baseball enthusiast and lover of dogs.




Tammy Robertson, Chair Tammy is a project manager at Unilock.   Outside of work and TTP, Tammy can be found enjoying life in the Muskoka’s reading and frequenting the dog parks with Tucker.




Colleen McGuckinColleen now at University but still gets involved. She is excited about the upcoming season of fundraising with the Chance for Change committee which includes her brother (Stuart) and her mom (Maria). Colleen enjoys spending time with friends and singing and dancing. 



Stuart McGuckinStuart is a student at Centennial Public School in Georgetown. Stuart is a valued volunteer for Chance for Change. He has helped with basket making, coat-check at the event, and has participated in the Walk to Answer TTP Together in Georgetown. When he's not volunteering or doing homework, he can be found riding his BMX in his friends' backyard, improving his black-belt skills at the dojo, snowboarding or playing hockey. In the summer he's on the lake participating in every kind of water sport you can imagine.

Jeannie Slade. Jeannie is Sydney's sister. Jeannie has an outgoing personality and enjoys getting out and connecting with others. She also loves coming up with new and innovative event ideas for the Answering TTP Foundation. Jeannie can be found at her cottage relaxing with her family and friends. 




Bios for the following committee members to follow shortly...

Andrew Bryant, Maria Connell, and Alec Kodatsky.

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