2018 Chance for Change


The Chance for Change event is always fantastic and we look forward to being a part of it every year.  The event itself is warm and personal and we always have a great time.  Our company is proud to be associated with Chance for Change, both from the point of view of the funds raised for this worthy and underfunded cause and from the point of view of  being involved in a truly exceptional and enjoyable event.

The Answering TTP volunteers continue to raise more funds every year and the Chance for Change event grows larger, providing even more benefit for sponsors like us.

--- Marie Glenn, Holcim

I am a partner at Gardiner Roberts, LLP, which has been a sponsor of the annual Chance for Change Game Night.  Having known someone who has suffered from TTP and seeing its serious impact, I know what a worthy cause this is that needs more financial support.  It is important to increase awareness and research.  I have attended the annual game night the last two years.  It was a great combination of supporting a worthy cause and having a very enjoyable night.  I am glad to see that it has been so successful that it is being moved to a larger venue.

--- Bill Bernstein, Gardiner Roberts, LLP

The Answering TTP foundation has been very successful of late in raising funds for a very worthy cause.  The success is a reflection of the very hard work offered up by a core group of dedicated individuals. Having seen this work first hand our company has been continually inspired to increase its’ support of their fundraising efforts as they challenge themselves, and those around them, to reach new and higher goals.  We wish them success, and, would ask that you as well, give them your support.     

--- Mike McIntyre, Unilock Ltd.

Hess Machinery has been a proud supporter of the Annual T.T.P. Foundation’s Chance & Change Game Night from the beginning.  I’m in awe of Sydney Bryant, who after suddenly facing a serious illness to which there is no cure, did not say, woe is me, but instead threw herself into creating a foundation, with the goal to raise funds for research into the causes of this disease, as well as education and patient support.

Sydney’s passion has inspired a whole group of dedicated volunteers who tirelessly put on the Chance & Game Night every year.  It’s been a great success from the start and the event is always great fun.

We wish Sydney Bryant and her Foundation all the very Best for the Future, with the hope that a cure can be found soon.

--- Gudrun Hess, President, HESS Machinery Ltd.

As a new sponsor of the annual Chance for Change game night  benefiting TTP,  Altus Dynamics knows what a worthy cause this is.  Associating our company with a charity that has so much drive and determination is an honor.  The games night is a great event and provides the opportunity to mingle with other business associates while enjoying a fun evening supporting a great cause.  You can be sure you will see our logo on the sponsor banner again this year!

--- Kelly Hagen, Altus Dynamics

Contributing towards the Chance for Change Game Night benefiting TTP should be considered an honour for its supporters.  It is a rare occasion in the fundraising environment where one can truly feel confident that every penny of their contribution is going towards ongoing research and awareness to impact the cause.  The evening itself is orchestrated seamlessly providing attendees a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a night out meeting up with old friends and new people who all care about finding a cure for TTP.


Christopher Fusco, Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage

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