2018 Chance for Change

Our generous sponsors from Canada, U.S. and Europe contribute a great deal to opening up opportunities for a Chance for Change. We welcome you to join this elite group of supporters providing benefit to those affected by TTP around the world.


Partner Sponsor - Unilock Group of Companies


Masa - Platinum Sponsor

GOLD Sponsor

Granval Construction
Granval Construction - Gold Sponsor

KBH - Gold Sponsor

Standley Batch Systems
Standley Batch Systems - Gold Sponsor and Silent Auction Donor

SILVER Sponsor

Alliance Designer Products
Alliance Designer Products - Silver Sponsor

Arnts The Landscape Supplier
Arnts The Landscape Supplier - Silver Sponsor

Beaver Valley Stone Limited
Beaver Valley Stone Limited - Silver Sponsor

CRH Canada Group Inc.
CRH Canada Group Inc. - Silver Sponsor & Silent Auction Donor

Dow Chemical Company
The Dow Chemical Company - Silver Sponsor

Gardiner Roberts LLP
Gardiner Roberts LLP - Silver Sponsor

Paul J. Greene & Company
Paul J. Greene & Company - Silver Sponsor

Rampf Molds
Rampf Molds - Silver Sponsor

Risi Stone
Risi Stone - Silver Sponsor

TEKA North America, Inc.
TEKA North America, Inc. - Silver Sponsor

Trade Secret Web Printing Inc.
Trade Secret Web Printing Inc. - Silver Sponsor

BRONZE Sponsor

AEC Daily Corp
AEC Daily Corp - Bronze Sponsor

BDO Canada
BDO Canada - Bronze Sponsor

Climatech - Bronze Sponsor

Coloured Aggregates
Coloured Aggregates - Bronze Sponsor

Greystone Landscaping
Greystone Landscaping - Bronze Sponsor

Jet Reports Canada
Jet Reports Canada - Bronze Sponsor and Silent Auction Donor

Jones Brown Inc.
Jones Brown Inc. - Bronze Sponsor

Skyway Cement Company
Skyway Cement Company - Bronze Sponsor

Talbot - Bronze Sponsor and Silent Auction Donor

The Miller Group
The Miller Group - Bronze Sponsor

USI Insurance Services, LLC
USI Insurance Services, LLC - Bronze Sponsor

Vintage Hardwood Flooring
Vintage Hardwood Flooring - Bronze Sponsor
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